Jinan China-Australia EcoGlobal Agricultural Science and Technology Pty Ltd (Abbreviated as China-Australia EcoGlobal Company.) was established on December 7, 2007. It is a China-Australia joint venture with its primary office located in the Jinan Hi-Tech Development Zone in Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China. Its main business serves as a sales platform for products developed and marketed by DuPont, delivering environmentally-friendly agricultural materials and providing comprehensive and farmer-focused technical support.


China-Australia EcoGlobal employs the international standard administrative model in order to build up a people-oriented culture. The company aims to maximize the opportunity for each individual to achieve their potential and for the whole company to reach a level of development that will sustain its growth into the future.


The structure and the core business of China-Australia EcoGlobal were master-minded by Mr Ligang Liu and Dr Deling Ma. Mr Ligang Liu, acts as the General Manger and the chair of Directors of the Board. He is a graduate from China Agricultural University and acted as a National Fungicide Sales Manager for DuPont in China for five years. During his tenure as a sales manager, DuPont had registered a record 20% annual growth rate in fungicide sales. His extensive experience in field trialing, marketing, and distributing a wide range of eco-friendly pesticide products encouraged him to set up an international company delivering international standard services to Chinese farmers. His confidence and enthusiasm, as well as his dedication to serving Chinese farmers with eco-friendly products, has allowed him to generate a level of trust among his clients not always apparent in the agricultural chemicals industry. His humorous, open-minded, honest and easy-going character has accredited him as a well-reputed, modern company manager. Mr Liu is strongly committed to continue to cooperate closely with DuPont and build China-Australia EcoGlobal Co. as an efficient and unique platform to promote the sales of DuPont products in China.      


As Mr. Liu』s business partner and a Board Member in Australia, Dr Ma has long been active in promoting bio-rational pesticides worldwide. He has played a pivotal role in the development of extensive neem plantations and neem-based products in Yunnan, Sichuan, and Hainan Provinces in China. He currently manages EcoGlobal Pest Solutions Australia (Abbreviated as EcoGlobal Australia, ABN 262 758 212 98), a sister company of China-Australia EcoGlobal Co. that is based in and operates within Australia. The main business of EcoGlobal Australia includes quarantine/pest inspections for commercial companies and installation of chemical barriers/baits to eliminate termites (white ants) from domestic properties. Dr Ma obtained his PhD degree from The University of Queensland in 2001. He has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, China and other countries. Dr Ma』s PhD study was supervised by world famous entomologists, Professor Myron Zalucki (Chairman of International Entomological Congress 2004) and Professor Gordon Gordh (Director of Center for Plant Health Science and Technology USDA). Dr Ma』s research has focused on the development of innovative biopesticide formulations. Some of these formulations have been patented, registered, and manufactured by several pesticide companies in China. 


China-Australia EcoGlobal Co. has appointed an international team as its consultant panel. The panel members include Dr Malcolm Wegener (Senior Research Fellow in Agricultural and Resource Economics, Chairman, Local Organising Committee of International Conference of Agricultural Economists 2006), Mr Philip Holzknecht (an Australian Neem proponent), and Dr Longbin Huang (Senior Crop Nutritionist, at The University of Queensland). These panel members were invited to deliver lectures at the 『Farmers Field School』 and other staff training programs in China. Some of these activities were broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV.
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